The little LILO

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The little Lilo


THE LITTLE LILO :    ( New Show )


Who has never wished to have a dog?

But be aware kids, moms and dads, LILO is really big and will not fit in your home!


The little LILO is a GIANT puppy full of energy and really NAUGHTY that arrives to your city to play with everyone!


Throw the bone and he will get it for you!

Play with his giant ball and he will follow the game!

Call him by his name and he will come to you!

But be aware if you ask him to shake, his leg is huge!


Giant toys, music and a lot of dog' mischiefing will make the little LILO a family spectacle full of surprises.


Street spectacle to impact in every kind of festivity: parades, public square' show, street theater festivals, inaugurations, special & promotional events,  ...


Let your imagination run free and enter in LILO's WORLD !!!


Street Show adaptable to any kind of stage:

- Travelling street show-animation

- Parade

- Visual itinerancy